The Commoner

Issue 05: Autumn 2002


Global recession, famine, AIDS, global warming, war and poverty: to list the instances of crises today could be an encyclopedic enterprise; the list could get longer and longer by the day.

  • Introduction by the editors: Crises [PDF]
  • Peter Bell & Harry Cleaver: Marx’s Crisis Theory as a Theory of Class Struggle [PDF]
  • Ana C. Dinerstein: Beyond Insurrection. Argentina and New Internationalism [PDF]
  • Conrad M. Herold: On Financial Crisis As A Disciplinary Device Of Empire: Emergence and Crisis Of The Crisis [PDF]
  • George Caffentzis: On the Notion of a Crisis of Social Reproduction: A Theoretical Review [PDF]
  • Werner Bonefeld: Class and EMU [PDF]
  • Steve Wright: The Historiography of the Mass Worker [PDF]

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’.