The Commoner

Issue 02: September 2001

‘Enclosures, the Mirror Image of Alternatives’

“…The articles collected in this second issue of The Commoner deal with some aspects of the multi faced reality of “enclosures”. The reality of enclosures, in the Marxist tradition also referred to as “primitive accumulation”, is of fundamental theoretical and political importance, as it not only defines the precondition of capital’s existence, but also helps to disclose the secret of alternatives to capitalism, or at least a substantial part of it…”

  • Introduction by the Editors: Enclosures, the Mirror Image of Alternatives [PDF]
  • Michael Perelman: The Secret History of Primitive Accumulation and Classical Political Economy [PDF]
  • Midnight Notes Collective: New Enclosures [PDF]
  • Silvia Federici: Debt crisis, Africa and the new enclosures [PDF]
  • Massimo De Angelis: Marx and primitive accumulation: The continuous character of capital’s “enclosures” [PDF]
  • Werner Bonefeld: The Permanence of Primitive Accumulation: Commodity Fetishism and Social Constitution [PDF]

“…In a moment when the global anti-capitalist movement is on the rise and the global economy is preparing for a new wave of restructuring (always associated with enclosures in one form or another) following the incoming recession, we thought that the debate over strategies and alternatives within the movement would benefit by a reflection on the hidden meaning of the capitalist strategies we are fighting against…”