All Back issues of The Commoner

All Back issues of The Commoner

The Commoner began in 2001 and went into hiatus at some point after the 2012 issue on care work, domestic labour and social reproduction.

On MayDay in 2020 the work to relaunch began slowly, by excavating the material of the original site from the useful WayBackMachine and building this new site. Here we have links to all the back issues of The Commoner for you to enjoy – historical reading that’s more relevant than ever, as converging crises loom large – war, biodiversity, cost of living, climate, rise of populist, authoritarian regimes and so on. The strategy remains the same, Commoning can set us free.

back issues of The Commoner

The Commoner, Issue 15 – Winter 2012 – Care work, domestic labour and social reproduction

The Commoner, Issue 14 – Winter 2010 – Property, Commoning and the Politics of Free Software

The Commoner, Issue 13 – Winter 2009 – There’s an energy crisis (among others) in the Air . . .

The Commoner, Issue 12 – spring/summer 2007 – Value strata, migration and “other values”

The Commoner, Issue 11 – Spring/Summer 2006 – Re(in)fusing the Commons

The Commoner, Issue 10 – Spring/Summer 2005 – The Carnival of Values and the Exchange Value of Carnival

The Commoner, Issue 09 – Spring/Summer 2004 – Life despite capitalism: The “virtual” and the “actual”

The Commoner, Issue 08 – Autumn/Winter 2004 – Around Commons and Autonomy, War and Reproduction

The Commoner, Issue 07 – Spring/Summer 2003 – The “governance” of Imposed Scarcity: Money, Enclosures and the Space of Co-optation

The Commoner, Issue 06 – Winter 2003 – What alternatives? Commons and Communities, Dignity and Freedom!

The Commoner, Issue 05 – Autumn 2002 – Crises

The Commoner, Issue 04 – May 2002 – Enclosures, Power, Commons

The Commoner, Issue 03 – January 2002 – Reclaiming the Body

The Commoner, Issue 02 – September 2001 – Enclosures, the Mirror Image of Alternatives

The Commoner, Issue 01 – May 2001untitled

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